The date of the wedding is 19th – 22nd, Thursday – Sunday (someone must have messed up our invitations…).


The wedding take place in a country house outside of Rome, Italy. The venue is called Casale Doria Pamphilj. There’s accommodation for everyone at the venue and all activities such as dinners, ceremony etc will be at the same place.

Read more about Casale Doria Pamphilj.

Travel Info

To get to the location you will need to get to Rome. The easiest way is to fly to one of the airports, Ciampino or Fiumicino. From Rome we will arrange transport to the wedding location.

We need your travel information by May 30th the latest, to be able to arrange transportation for all of you.

What if I’m on an airplane strike and wants to take the train? Read more about ways to get here.


Accommodation will be provided for everyone at the venue.

The price is €150 per person. This is paid upon check-out.

What about sheet thread count? Read more about accommodation.

Food & Drinks

Food and drinks will be provided throughout the weekend. On Saturday and Sunday there’s breakfast and dinner included, but no lunch. Especially on the Saturday though we doubt you need any extra meals (unless you’re an extremely hungry person), as the breakfast is served late and there’s a lot of food happening during the p.m.

Lunch and snacks can of course be purchased in the restaurant if you’re feeling hangry.

Worried you’ll go hungry? Read more for exact food schedule and more information.

Dress Code

Dress code is Summer Formal (yes, of course we chose to go with a complicated dress code to make everyone a bit nervous).

Read more for outfit examples and a Dress Code FAQ.


The fact that you’re coming to celebrate with us is more than enough, and we do not at all expect you to bring gifts.

Read more about the gifting situation.


Dying to find out more about what you’re doing that weekend in September next year?

Read more to see a Thursday – Sunday schedule.

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