We had a small ceremony in Stockholm City Hall, and we’re officially married already, correct! Now we’re looking forward to celebrate with all our friends and family with another wedding! We will have a symbolic ceremony at this wedding, with one of our dear friends acting celebrant.

The wedding starts in the evening of Thursday, September 19th, 2019 and lasts until the morning of Sunday, September 22nd, 2019 (so NOT THE DATE THAT SAYS ON THE INVITATIONS, hehe…).

We will arrange transfers going from Rome on the 19th and going back 22nd. More detailed information will follow.

You will need to pay for flights (or other way of transportation) to Rome, and a €150 fee for accommodation (paid at the property). We will provide breakfasts, dinners and drinks.

If you absolutely want to bring a gift, we won’t stop you, but it’s not expected. We just want you to be there!

On the Saturday you’ll have some free time in the day. The venue has a large garden and a pool – so bring your swimming gear if you feel like having a swim. If you want you could arrange with the venue to book a taxi and go to Rome, or maybe a trip to the beach?

Unfortunately, we only have enough space for the number of guests invited, so there’s no plus ones.

Friday will be quite busy throughout the day, but the only booked activity for Saturday is a Pizza Party in the evening. So if you want to go on an adventure, Saturday is the day!

Please RSVP before February 28th, 2019.

When we have received all RSVP’s, we will send out more information regarding travel info (so make sure you enter an up-to-date email address!). As soon as we have everyones’ flight info we’ll be able to arrange transfers. When it’s set we’ll get back to you with exact times.

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